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We hope to nurture our business network with knowledge and support learning. We aim to raise up leaders, stimulate economic growth and redefine community development in the African American community. We value openness and cooperation as key components in creating an opportunity for businesses to meet up, exchange views, discuss relevant topics and support each other’s business and personal financial goals.

With the combination of businesses and their collaborative efforts and vision, we will produce a culture of people who share the same values, goals and attitudes that will transform their lives and businesses into a sustainable entity that will bring the African American community together.

Unity For Empowerment

Our goal is to maintain a platform where African American business owners and those businesses that serve communities of color can come together to openly discuss their struggles and appeal to the people at large to take a proactive stand to help one another on relevant topics for change.

Operating as a team gives WAO the ability to apply our collective knowledge in a short period of time to affect global change as we transition from a national to, a global organization.

All African American owned businesses and those who serve communities of color are welcome. We are currently accepting businesses across the country including home-based, brick and mortar, franchises, mom and pop, e-Commerce, sole proprietorship, limited liability companies, and corporations. We are dedicated to high ethical and educational standards, and there is power in numbers. Be a part of We Are One and join the Recirculation of the Dollar Campaign. Let’s make a difference nationally and abroad. Don’t hesitate! Sign up today.
The books symbolize education, as it is essential for the development of our imagination, which is created from our thoughts and knowledge from reading.
The phoenix is associated with the sun and immortality.

Coat Of Arms

Purple, gold and black symbolize royalty, wealth and power respectively.

The tree gives shade, lumber, fruit and beauty. It is a universal symbol for strength and growth as they stand tall and strong all over the world. Their roots spread deep into the earth to withstand in storm.
The justice scale is based on the spirit of truth and fairness and unity in the universe.

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