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Understanding an Economist                                                               

An economist’s job is to study the actions of individuals in relation to social rather than individual life. They don’t concern themselves with personal peculiarities of temper and character.                                        

An economist watches carefully the conduct of a whole class of people—sometimes the whole of a nation and sometimes only those living in a certain district— and more often those engaged in some particular trade at some time and place. By the aid of statistics, or in other ways, they ascertain how much money on average the members of the particular group spend. Simply put, their job is to watch everything to control the Stock Market.

Investing in African American communities and communities of color sets a direct path towards the eradication of poverty, equality and inclusive economic growth.

Our Solution 

We Are One Solutions promotes business as entrepreneurs, to help accumulate assets in the community and influence institutions and policies for determining growth and development.

We aim to create higher income jobs, better access to health resources, and protection for our women, children and families.