Men & Women Issues

Internalized oppression, the shaming and disowning of our individual and cultural reality, is just a part of the reasons for the levels of black on black crimes, especially violence against women and children.

First, men need a platform to openly discuss egos, self-esteem and inappropriate behavior about love, sex and the unhealthy ways our women are being treated in relationships. Second, we are accountable for one another and with that acknowledgment it is our responsibility to end the idea that women are objects.

Our solution is to focus on positive thinking rather than wasting time and energy on negative emotions. Negativity is a disempowering state of mind that has our community repeating the same negative behavior that breeds irritation, regret, anger and feelings of hopelessness.

An empowered state of mind comes from staying in control, through positive affirmations, prayer and meditation, which will prevent our community from making foolish decisions and being judgmental or doing things that we often regret later.