Our Process

Strategic Plan

First We Are One identifies the problem and the role of our leaders. We have the capacity to respond and address internal strengths and weaknesses of the businesses. Through partnerships and outreach, including retention and attraction, we are able to diversify and strengthen economic development at the state, federal and local levels, and increase funding to small businesses.

5 Key Strategies

Mission & Planning Refinement

Our strategies and vision closely aligns with the community that we serve. Our members reach a higher level of success through service development; program development, management and governance; and partnership development.

Community Dialogue & Stakeholder Development

As we continue to grow in community dialogue, We Are One will strengthen partnerships by hosting the annual We Are One Summit. We will also coordinate monthly membership meetings and special events.

Management & Leadership Development

We Are One has a strong working knowledge of business and the ability to lead and manage principles and capabilities in carrying out our mission. Through our earnest commitment, we aim to create and sustain a corporate culture of trust. We implement proven management and leadership practices and concepts that greatly benefit our members.

Business & Consumer Empowerment

We Are involved in the design and implementation of cutting edge processes that are useful in setting the direction of new business. Our most powerful is the ability to pull together to meet the needs anytime and anywhere. We Are One is needed to develop policies that will address these circumstances and provide a solution for new business.

Community Development

We Are One can significantly impact the community with partnership stream of dreams and knowledge of the community, which will make it uniquely suited for impacting the spheres of a successful business community.